L8GENESIS - EarthInsight

A fully automated software toolkit for processing and generating information products from Landsat-8 OLI and TIRS data.



L8GENESIS is an end-to-end fully automated ‘plug and play’ add-on for ENVI/IDL that will enable users to batch-process Landsat-8 imagery and generate any number of Standard or Advanced indices and end products. This software eliminates the painstakingly slow manual processes of data decompression, layer stacking, calibration, masking, and band composite generation.


EXOGENESIS has developed and organized a comprehensive body of useful Landsat-8 indices into four distinct phenomenology domains and divided them into either Standard or Advanced Indices based upon their complexity.


L8GENESIS exposes Landsat-8 data consumers to innovative, insightful index-based end products for myriad industries and objectives from any of the four major phenomenology domains built into the software. No toolkit extracts so many repeatable and reliable information products from Landsat-8 in a fully automated fashion as L8GENESIS.

Key Product Features & Advantages

  • Automated decompression and organization of raw Landsat-8 files
  • Automated layer stacking, radiance, reflectance and temperature calibration
  • Automated image quality assessment
  • Automated image transformations including a new tasseled cap adaptation
  • Automated multi-band composites displayed as RGB
  • Automated Standard or Advanced Index generation from the 4 phenomenology domains


End Products & Method of Delivery

  • All products delivered in well-organized raster image formats
  • Can be delivered through AWS, partner platforms, APIs, or other web services




L8Genesis is available in several convenient purchase options on our partner's platform at CloudEO.

Note that you are NOT required to have a current ENVI/IDL license to purchase L8GENESIS.

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