Who We Are

Motivated by their passion for earth observation, Exogenesis was founded in August of 2013 by a small handful of US military veterans that wanted to leverage their experiences serving their country to deliver smart, sophisticated Remotely Sensed Imagery (RSI) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analytics and software tools to the international public market as well as to local, US, and international governmental bodies.


What We Do

Utilizing the latest advancements in RSI/GIS technologies and techniques Exogenesis works alongside our clients and partners to develop custom tailored products that fit a budget while delivering expert analysis and definitive solutions.

Exogenesis is revolutionizing global data analysis with powerful applications and software - integrated with premier satellite imagery - to monitor objects and detect changes. By automating workflows, our scalable and persistent solutions empower businesses, enterprises, and governmental bodies to make timely, data driven decisions that mitigate risk, assess damages, and accurately predict changes.

By eliminating the need for intermediate data analysis, Exogenesis delivers spatiotemporally enabled data (SPED) directly to a variety of enterprises – from renewable energy to national defense. Automated geospatial and remote sensing workflows allow for more accurate, real-time decision-making without expensive software packages.

To find out how Exogenesis can help your business to analyze GIS data more efficiently or to have custom analytics curated for your company’s goals and objectives, contact us today!



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